Police officers in Illinois have found more than a ton of marijuana hidden inside frozen avocado packages. The packages were seized by police officers on March 4th and had an estimated street value of over $10 million.

A statement released by the Sheriff’s office said that the police received a tip about a suspicious delivery that was said to take place in the area. Police then dispatched a dog who specialises in narcotic detection, and then the pooch found the marijuana stashed in bags of avocado pulp.  The packages were packed in pallets and did not appear suspicious, however the dog showed otherwise and police searched the premises.

Illinois police seized close to 2,100 pounds of pot from the Cook County storage facility, after searching through 1,500 boxes of packed avocado pulp to find the substance.

Though recreational pot is illegal in Illinois, medical use is legalized. If patients want to access medical marijuana, however, they need to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check by Illinois officials.

This bust is just one of many that have happened recently across the U.S., but with the legalization of marijuana sweeping the nation, drug related crime is declining. Though nobody has been charged yet, police have confiscated the pot and are now holding it in a secure location where it will be later disposed of in the proper manner. Isn’t that just the pits?