The mayor of North Bonneville has made his 420-family stance known and hopes the public will follow in suit.  Recently, the East Oregon city opened a government-run recreational marijuana store – making it the first in the country.

Mayor Don Stevens recently told NBC News that the store is called the Cannabis Corner and that he was the very first customer. While the headline “Mayor buys weed from pot store” could be damaging to his political reputation, it’s endeared him to many locals and marijuana smokers across the country.

According to reports, the mayor purchased 1 gram packages of four different flower varieties. He says he’s tried two of them already: the Blue Magoo and the Nobama Diesel.

In a recent interview with the mayor, he also admitted that he found the strains very enjoyable and that they helped him relax in the evening.

Mayor Stevens has appointed 5 people to the board overseeing the shop. All of the profits will be put into a special and secure fund that the city can dip into it whenever it is needed.

There have been reports of the funds being used to upgrade parks for children and various other community improvements, and things are only looking up at the moment for the Cannabis Corner.