Weed cookies ain’t just for goys anymore. The Orthodox Union, the most trusted organization responsible for issuing certifications that identify products as being Kosher, is thinking about getting into the ganja game, according to those dudes at Time Magazine.

Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of kashrut, which is the Jewish dietary law derived from The Bible, particularly the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. In the past, the Orthodox Union, which is also known as the OU, has refused to certify kosher cigarettes and e-cigs due to the health risks associated with them, but there’s a Rabbi from New York who claims he would be perfectly fine with certifying medical marijuana since it actually has health benefits.

Marijuna itself doesn’t need certification as it is just a plant and doesn’t involve meat or byproducts, but since cannabis is not available in other forms such as edibles and capsules, a kosher seal would be needed for those of the faith who wanted to indulge. With the legalization and decriminalization of both medical and recreational marijuana use spreading throughout the country, including a new law in New York State, it’s totally understandable that multiple businesses are contacting the Orthodox Union for certification.

Rabbi Moshe Elefant is a well-established leader in the community and heads the kosher certification department at the Orthodox Union, but not all the other Rabbis necessarily agree with him when it comes to certifying brands of marijuana products as kosher. His stance now has the devoutly religious community combing through texts and teachings to find information that either supports his decision or proves that its forbidden. The Orthodox Union has yet to certify any products made with cannabis as kosher, but that could all change very quickly.