Until recently, medical marijuana had no serious money competition. But with recreational pot sales growing much faster than medical, questions begin to arise, especially since medical taxes are far lower. Industry analysis providers GreenWave see the future moving toward only one legal marijuana market, combining both medical and recreational put under a single set of regulations and tax rate.

GreenWave’s Matthew Karnes believes that medical marijuana will recalibrate when new medications come on to the scene, and as medical professionals feel more comfortable in providing marijuana as opposed to pushing some synthetic prescription, things will work out better.

Leslie Bocskor, a managing partner at Electrum Partners, has gone as far as saying he believes marijuana will not only ease problems but one day start curing them, and that evidence already shows promise for a veterinary market for the substance as well.

One major problem for those in support of legalization is that cannabis remains a Class I substance. This means that the federal government still maintains the “harmful drug” elements of it outweigh the beneficial elements, if any. If it was to be given a lower classification, the doors would be open for more research and development of products.

With sales showing promise, the government will soon have to decide if the capitalist consumerist end-all be-all god of money can turn a blind eye when their faux conservative archaic ideals are thrown into the mix.