It’s a good day to be an Argentine medical marijuana patient. A new measure drafted by the Ministry of Health will make key changes to the country’s medical marijuana regulation, including bringing it to patients for no cost.

Medical marijauan will be “free of charge, regardless of their health coverage,” according to El Planteo, a Latin American cannabis-centered news outlet [their original report was translated by Benzinga].

Argentina legalized medical weed back in 2017, but, in a process familiar to many Americans, the actual implementation of the law has been slow and confused. Until now, medical marijuana patients have continued having to go through black market channels if they want their weed.

The Ministry of Health measure will also allow for personal cultivation by all cannabis patients for all patients and researchers, as long as they register with the government’s cannabis program REPROCANN.

But you don’t even need to register with REPROCANN to buy cannabis. You can just hop down to the local drugstore, present a doctor’s prescription, and get your bud.

The law will also allow for pharmacies to manufacture their own cannabis-derived oils, creams, and topicals, and for nationwide production of cannabis in order to create a larger supply chain.

Certain details of the measure have not yet been worked out. There is no definitive cap yet on the number of plants an individual can grow, and the qualifying conditions for a cannabis prescription have not been agreed upon yet either.

Argentinians are hopeful that the opening of the medical marijuana market will be good not only for the health of the country, but also for its economy.

“Cannabis is the answer to our therapies,” said Valeria Salech, founder of advocate NGO Mamá Cultiva Argentina. “But as we’re seeing all over the world, it also has the potential to create jobs in many sectors, not just in medicine, but also in agriculture, commerce and manufacturing.”

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily