Medical marijuana is now totally free in the Italian region of Sicily. 

This week Sicilian health chief Ruggero Razza signed a decree which stated that the regional government will now cover all costs of prescription cannabis, as reported by The Local.

Prescriptions are available to patients suffering from serious conditions including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy.

The progressive move by the region spotlights a Jekyll and Hyde attitude toward marijuana from the Italian government.

Though Sicily is the only region in Italy with free MMJ, marijuana has been prescribed to patients throughout the country since 2013. The cannabis supply chain itself in the country is unusual, being tightly controlled with some cultivation operated by the military.

On the other hand, recreational cannabis is very much illegal in Italy. Unlicensed growing or sales can result in prison time.

Simple possession is not technically a crime, but it is punishable by a fine, the loss of your driver’s license, or even the suspension of your passport, according to The Local.

Photo via Flickr user Scott Wylie