Congratulations, Mexicans. You are now legally able to purchase and use use cannabis for medical use. No longer will you have to choose between getting well and being a law abiding system. No longer will you be barred from treating your unfortunate illnesses with the medicine you need because of puritanical bureaucratic whatever. Unless of course you happen to be one of the 122.3 million Mexicans who aren’t Grace Elizalde, in which case medical marijuana is not eve a little legal for you.

Though recreational and medical marijuana are still 100% illegal in Mexico, one very, very cool eight year-old has received the country’s first ever exemption from medical marijuana drug laws. The move was made to treat Grace’s severe epilepsy, which causes up to 400 seizures a day. Desperate for a cure and appealing to the government, Grace’s family has succeeded in convincing the Mexican government to give Grace a pass on CBD oil, specifically the trial substance Epidiolex, a drug produced by Britain’s GW Pharmaceuticals.

“We are happy,” Raul Elizalde, Grace’s father, told AFP. “It’s our last hope… We want to reduce the number of convulsions from 400 per day to none. We hope that she could become more independent, that she could walk and speak and eat on her .”

The Mexican government, for their part, stanchly proclaims that it is not opening the doors to medical marijuana legalization. “It must be clarified that this health authorization does not give the green light to import marijuana in any of its forms,” Elizalde continued. But a whole lot of people in Mexico (people who aren’t the cartels) are talking about legalizing medical marijuana in the future. So Grace could be a sort of trial run for the drug in the country. Don’t f it up, Grace. Just be cool.