Orange County’s medical marijuana dispensaries were thriving 3 years ago, but  the DEA raided the town and every dispensary in it. Now, however, they are going to make a return. The Costa Mesa council unveiled a bill that will bring medical marijuana back into the city for those who need it. Costa Mesa does have a range of delivery services available but this does signal that medical marijuana could be making a return to the city.

Even though the law does have some restrictions, there isn’t a limit on how many businesses can set up shop. It does limit the city to three manufacturing zones, and it stops them from operating within 1,000 feet of other marijuana stores. A dispensary also cannot open within 1,000 feet of any youth center, library or school.

The new draft will also make dispensary owners pay a maximum tax of 15% and $10 per square foot of cultivation space. These taxes will go toward a special fund which would monitor the enforcement of dispensaries.

The city does need to deal with some issues however, and the main one is the amount of permits that the city is allowed. If the city doesn’t limit the permits, then it’s because they feel as though the zoning will have a negative impact on the dispensaries.

For medical marijuana patients in Costa Mesa, this is a major victory.  The state is now moving toward a regulated tax market. This does come with some drawbacks, but overall it is a step in the right direction.