We’ve never been envious of a deer before, but this little guy has a pretty sweet life. Recently featured in a Daily Show feature along with his owner, grower and Oregon marijuana “kingpin” Richard Davis, Sugar Bob is perceived as a spiritual shaman and spends his day eating weed, getting stoned, and napping.

Davis says of Sugar Bob’s habits, “As he chews on it, he’s just getting sleepier and sleepier… Between his motion of chewing his cud and the peacefulness in his eyes. I had to crawl over in the bed and curl up next to him. I passed out for about three hours.”

Davis told a Daily Show correspondent that Sugar Bob is a spirit guide sent to carry his aging dog to the next life. Years ago, he had another Sugar Bob deer which performed the same service for Davis’ dog bacon. Maybe if you’re good in this life, you can come back as a Sugar Bob in the next.