If you missed the 1970’s and 80’s, then you missed some amazing herb. Not the brain-destroyers and melters we have now, a little bit mellower, like an RNB alternative to crunk.

One of the best varieties from that era was called “Colombian Gold.” With a taste of cedar and an aroma that was reminiscent of sandalwood, the $100 per ounce was well worth the investment.

In modern dollars, you’d be paying $390 per ounce for Colombian Gold. It was that good.

What was unique about this particular strain is that it required equatorial temperatures to really bring out its best qualities. Some growers tried to bring it to Washington State to grow, but the cooler, rainy environment made the strain almost sugary and that affected the high that could be produced.

Equatorial Colombian Gold was almost like tripping on LSD. Smoking Seattle-based Colombian Gold was like eating Frosted Flakes as fast as you could before your parents caught you sneaking cereal.

You could always tell when someone was using Colombian Gold. There was no other strain that could put a permanent smile on someone’s face for several hours like this one could. People were giddy, passionate, and had red eyes that even Ben Stein couldn’t cure with a whole bottle of Visine.

There are plenty of great strains available today, but none that compare to that first moment when Colombian Gold hit the market for the first time. The beautiful blond colors of the buds are still dreamed about, cured in the mountain mists. When you found a viable seed in your bud, then you felt like a million bucks. A golden oldie that’s still one of the best strains put on the Earth.