The Supreme Court, “has ruled that growing, possessing and smoking marijuana for recreation are legal under a person’s right to personal freedoms,” according to the Associated Press. But not so fast, weed-fiends. Unfortunately for those living north of the border, the supreme court who is so 420-friendly is not America’s, but our neighbor to the south, Mexico.

Down yonder there are only five supreme court justices, and all but one of them approved the measure. The specific issue before the court was a bunch of Mexican citizens who wanted to form a “pot club.” Their lawyers asked the federal court if that was cool and the court said, “OK.”

But not so fast Mexican weed fiends. The decision doesn’t actually legalize dancing with mary jane, nor does it actually mean that legalization will happen anytime soon. The ruling only applies to those specific dudes who petitioned the court. Everybody else is up the creek if they want to get down with legal cannabis, unless the court decides to vote the same way on five other similar petitions that are currently at issue.