The U.S.A. may soon become an island of weed prohibition surrounded by a sea of legal 420 parties. One year after Canada legalized cannabis, Mexico is gearing up to do the same.

Earlier in October, lawmakers in Mexico released draft legislation to legalize recreational cannabis throughout the country.

While a similar bill proposed last year did not come to fruition, the prospect of legal cannabis in Mexico is likely, given that the country’s Supreme Court has ruledweed prohibition unconstitutional.

The bill may still be changed before it comes to a vote, but for the time being, the proposal contains the following provisions, as per reporting from the Motley Fool:

  • For adults 18 and over, it will be legal to purchase and possess cannabis.
  • Consumption will only be permitted in private spaces and residences.
  • Packaging will be somewhat standardized and nondescript, similar to the strict packaging requirements in Canada.
  • Edibles will be for recreational use, and will only be issued legally to medical marijuana patients.
  • Cannabis licenses and potency limations will be regulated by the Cananbis Institute, a government agency.
  • Licensing will prioritize indigenous peoples, small farmers, and low-income individuals, over large business interests, including those from Canada and the U.S.

The Mexican Senate could pass the bill as soon as next week.

Photo via Flickr / Esparta Palma