The biggest setback to medical marijuana treatment isn’t that it’s illegal to use in much of the world. Weed is pretty easy to come by in many places despite its legal status. The real problem is that the medical research of cannabis is so legally tricky, leaving the medical community with little specific data as to how different cannabinoids precisely affect various ailments.

That’s why some people in need of medical cannabis guidance are taking it upon themselves to do some of their own testing. An underground community in Mexico City is providing its members with the knowledge and resources to use cannabis as effective medically as possible.

“Marijuana is not the devil, but it doesn’t do miracles either,” a teacher in the group who goes by the alias Matías told VICE in a recent piece. “That’s why we must understand it also has risks. You have to get to know it.”

Many people in the group have family members suffering from illnesses such as cancer or epilepsy. They come to learn how to manufacture and administer various cannabis extracts including THC capsules, infused tinctures, lubricants, drops and, of course, butane hash oil. “The capsules can be made with organic coconut oil or olive oil a bain-marie at 100ºF,” said Matías.

Another group instructor using the alias Marina told VICE that she uses THC capsules to treat her father’s brain tumor. “My father couldn’t even get out of bed. With this treatment he is able to leave the house,” she says. “Now he’s in a good mood. He’s trippy all day, but that doesn’t stop him from having a normal life.”

Though there’s limited research on the subject, Marina says she’s positive that the capsules are slowing the tumor’s growth. She said she’ll use a tomography scan to do it.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said last week that he intends to facilitate medical marijuana treatment and raise the legal amount of possession from 5 grams to 28. But in the meantime, there’s still very little structure or guidance in place for those who want to use medical cannabis effectively. Hopefully work from groups like Matías and Marina’s will help educate and facilitate the people of Mexico to use medical marijuana to its fullest potential.