Imagine you work for a boss, and that boss leaves. Now you have a new boss, but you’ve always been pretty bad at your job. You’ve cost the company thousands of dollars, and you’ve even caused a few deaths. When your new boss interviews you, you answer all the questions with answers that aren’t really answers. You then you stand up, shout at your boss saying they are a terrible boss, and that you’re going to everything you can to make sure that the project fails. How long do you think you will keep your job? If you’re Michele Leonhart, that would be seven years.

DEA Administrator
When you are the Drug Enforcement Agency administrator, you’re bound oppose every drug available in Schedule One. This includes everything from LSD to heroin and incorrectly, cannabis. Cannabis has medicinal benefits, yet it is placed in the Schedule 1 group while cocaine, which has no real medicinal benefits, can be prescribed for use in the U.S. After an interview with Congress, she slammed Obama’s administration’s tolerance of the state of Washington and Colorado for their legalisation.

Just wait to see how mad she was when she found out that Obama had taken part in a softball game with legalisation supporters. She was even more annoyed at the fact that the pro supporters had beaten him 25-3 and 5-2.

So while it has taken President Obama more than enough time to fire Michele Leonhart, the DEA is required to oppose all legalisation of marijuana, so what makes the next person in line any different? The fact is, you won’t hear from any sane people in the federal position until marijuana is removed from Schedule 1, and there are plenty of anti-legalisation parties who are going to try and prevent that from ever happening.