Landlords would be able to ban medical marijuana use on properties they own under a new legislation that was approved in Michigan on Tuesday. The legislation received a 34-3 vote and now it will be taken to the House for the next stage of its approval. Some believe that landlords should have the right to ban medical marijuana in their properties because if you smoke in an apartment it can bother other people and possibly decrease the value of a property. One landlord has complained that his property is now basically working as a grow operation.

However, smoking isn’t allowed in public, and since edibles aren’t permitted for patients in Michigan, smoking at home is the only way they can legally get what they need. And now they might not have that as an option. Legislation is currently in progress which would allow edibles to be bought and consumed in the state.

The legislation would also state that a landlord doesn’t need to give the property to someone who smokes or grows medicinal marijuana if either is prohibited within the property.

Thomas Lavigne, who works with the Cannabis Council in Detroit, argued that the law “will create more felonies. The medical marijuana act was intended to provide immunity to patients so they are not penalized or denied any privilege, and I think housing is a privilege.”