It’s been awhile since a sitcom brought back the old trope of the parents who accidentally ate weed brownies and got all grooved out. Been years since Eric and Donna’s folks ate the wrong batch on That 70’s Show, even longer since Carlton accidentally swallowed Will’s speed, and eons since the Dinosaurs got happy on that funky plant they found in the woods.

Though America’s TV writers may have gotten tired of the played out storyline, luckily the real world thinks the supposedly dead horse has a little life left in it. In a very special episode of actual real life as it occurs at Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township, Michigan, three teachers were dosed with weed brownies last week. According to WXYZ news, all three of the educators felt “ill” after eating brownies left in the teacher’s lounge.

Whether they meant “ill” in the hip-hop sense of the word (like Madvillain’s “Illest Villains” or Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication) or “ill” as in they thought they were dying, there is no way to be sure at this time. But one of the teachers was hospitalized for their long strange trip and this sparked an investigation from the Oakland County Sheriff’s office.

After the 5-0 was called in, the baked goods in question were lab tested and discovered to contain THC. It’s still unclear whether the teachers were purposefully dosed or if the brownies’ consumption was the result of a farcical mixup. We may have to wait until the re-enactment before a live studio audience to know for sure.


Photo via Wikimedia