A student at Seaholm High School in Birmingham, Michigan went way above the standard apple gift to a teacher last week. His teacher got some edibles from him. And then it was kind of like those episodes of TV shows like That 70’s Show or Seventh Heaven when the parents accidentally eat a drugged-up food. Except that this teacher went to the hospital and is now pressing charges of “food tampering.”

Looks like they even got the CSI crew over there, because police are doing a toxicology report of the teacher’s blood sample. And somehow a bunch of news outlets got a hold of the news story – but it’s not like anyone’s blowing this out of proportion.

The school is refusing to identify the student in question in order to protect his identity for the time being and they are also refusing to comment on the subject. They have admitted however that there has been an incident of food tampering. The teacher was said to have become very ill after ingesting the cookie, and so was taken to the hospital by family members. He was allowed to leave shortly after to relax and recuperate at home.

Reports have also stated that no one at the school knows how or why the cookie contained pot however the police are currently waiting for a toxicology analysis report which will confirm the drug and then charges can be filed accordingly against the student in question.