It’s a Christmas miracle! After a disappointing start to Michigan’s career as a cannabis-legal state, some businesses have found a solution to make it work: just give their weed away.

Michigan legalized marijuana on December 6, but the program the state created left something to be desired. Namely, you still couldn’t buy weed. As of the first day of legalization, the state had not even started accepting applications for cannabis business licenses.

The state agency in charge of legal cannabis “made a big mess of this,” according to Matthew Abel, executive director of NORML Michigan. “What lawmakers should have done is focus on licensing growers and transporters, and enabling medical marijuana facilities to sell retail.”

So things were looking not too merry and bright for potential recreational cannabis businesses in Michigan this holiday season. But luckily some people have started thinking outside the box.

In accordance with the holiday spirit, businesses have started “gifting” marijuana to customers. The strategy comes from a loophole in state law.

“Under the laws in Michigan, you can gift up to 2.5 ounces,” said Brandon Anthony, owner of the On High Road online store. State law also allows you to gift up to 15 grams of cannabis extracts.

“There is a gifting clause within the law, so we give the cannabis to customers,” he told the Detroit Free Press.

Anthony is one of many entrepreneurs who have turned to the gifting strategy. HIs company offers adults 21 and over “munchie bags” full of non-infused baked goods and assorted candies, which sell for $55 to $120. When you purchase these bags, it just so happens that you also get some complimentary bud.

Forbes also talked to a business in Ann Arbor called Smoke’s Chocolates, which bares the slogan “Buy some chocolate, get some weed.”

So if you’re lonely and you got no friends this Christmas, just know that there’s at least a couple of people who give you the greatest gift of all, weed. All you need to do to receive that gift is give them a bunch of money.

Photo via Flickr user Dank Depot