A 12-year-old faces six felony charges after allegedly giving out THC-infused gummies to his classmate.

At Mulberry Middle School in Polk County, Florida, six students ate most of a 100 milligram block of the edibles, sending five of them to the hospital with overdose symptoms including dizziness and nausea, as reported by the Miami Herald.

While that’s no fun for the kids and rightful cause for concern for the parents, we dare say that some people are taking the incident a little too seriously. Like, for instance, the authorities who want to put a child behind bars for bringing one single THC gummy bar to school.

Or, specifically, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who for some reason was put on national cable news to talk about some kids who got sick and missed half a day of school.  Judd’s comments on the subject were interesting, to put it one way, and idiotic, to put it another.

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Judd made clear that this was no trivial crime, but a matter of literal life and death. “It is not a minor non-violent felony,” he said. “It’s ruining families and killing people every day throughout the United States.”

Considering that no one has ever in the history of the world died from a cannabis overdose, this seems like a bit of an overstatement. Not to be outdone, one of the show’s hosts jumped in on the conversation saying, “No one talks about this. THC is addicting.” Of course, he didn’t mention that the reason that no one talks about that is because it’s not true.

The host then summed up his point by saying, “There is a price to pay for pot.” And, in this, he is absolutely right. But that price is pretty affordable, about $35 an eighth.

Photo via Flickr user Tom Lianza