In 2008 a 57 year old man, Warren Meyer went out on a 6 mile hike in Yarra Ranges. He left his car in the parking lot and set out in the good weather. Warren Meyer hasn’t been seen since that day and even though police have performed searches, they found nothing. A caller however has claimed that he came across a pot crop plantation and was murdered for it, and now that claim is undergoing an investigation.

Aussie marijuana growers see bush plantations as a very affordable way to grow pot, as opposed to growing it indoors. A criminologist has told VICE that these plantations are common and that growers often want to defend their plants by having someone sit and watch over the crop. These people are, in most cases, armed with booby traps set up in the crop field. These can include pits with spikes and even barbed wire in the foliage.

In 2013 a hiker was shot in the stomach after he stumbled across a marijuana crop. He was hit with a small caliber round after he saw the illegal operation. Australia’s east coast is ideal for bush plantations. For this reason, the cannabis eradication team is now targeting these growers. The CET has been in operation since the 80’s and they seize thousands of plants that are worth millions every single year.

While searching for Meyer, the police found over 32 pot plants. Even though this isn’t a large amount, his wife believes that it could be a sign as to what happened to him. There is an indication that there is illegal activity, yet Dr. Goldsworthy believes that people aren’t often attacked because they come across pot crops, but the chances of this happening is higher when illegal activity is involved.