A whole lot of athletes are calling out for authorities to permit medical cannabis in their leagues. Pro football players are saying the NFL should get on the weed train and a bunch of NBA players advocated last year that the league re-consider their 420-unfriendly laws. But you got to hand it to MMA fighter Nate Diaz for being the first athlete we know of to put his money where his bruised, banged up, bloody mouth is.
The welterweight fighter unashamedly pulled out a weed vape pen during his post-fight press conference in Las Vegas last Saturday, as reported by MMA Junkie. After an extremely grueling and close fight against Conor McGregor, the fighter answered questions professionally and thoroughly while constantly hitting the pen in his hand.
After a while, one interviewer just had to ask. “It’s CBD,” Diaz answered. “It helps with the healing process and inflammation, stuff like that, so you want to get these for before or after the fights, training. It’ll make your life a better place.”
“Make your life a better place” is a phrase we’d normally say points to a cannabinoid other than CBD being in your system, but maybe that’s just all the punches and kicks to the head talking.
This isn’t the first time Diaz has openly mixed his MMJ with his MMA. He has been a proponent of using CBD to treat sport-related injuries on his Ingstagram feed, where he recently wrote: “shout out to all the homies in the #NFL, the #Olympians in #Rio and all contact sports that are finding healthier ways to deal with their head trauma and wear and tear on their bodies by attacking their injuries with CBD oil. Shout out to TRU for making it happen.”
The caption accompanied a photo of a stack of products from California CBD oil and vape company Tru, the same company Diaz gave a shoutout to during his press conference Saturday. So, if he’s not doing official endorsement for the company, we hope he’s at least getting a discount on those oil cartridges.
You can watch highlights from the press conference via MMAWeekly in the video below.