One Oregon kid got a pretty bawler Easter present last weekend. An Oregon mother is making news around the US because of the special grass she found in her toy packaging. The Hannahs family had opened a VTech soccer practice toy that was purchased from a local Walmart. They initially found some pieces missing when they went to put it together and that’s when they found multiple bags of marijuana.

“I was shocked, at first I was like, I kind of laughed and was like oh my gosh, I cannot believe this even came out of there,” the mother, Christina Hannahs, told local TV station KATU.

Her daughter went to play with the box, as all kids typically do when there’s a new toy, and two of pot can tumbling out. Hannahs believes that the gift was returned by another family to the local Walmart and that it was simply restocked on the shelf. But why would someone do that?

Hannahs said that she filed a police report regarding the incident.

What does Walmart have to say? They offered a generic press release that said this: “We are dedicated to providing safe and secure shopping environments for its customers. The chain will work with the Hannahs and local authorities to determine the cause of the unusual product.”

VTech has not released a statement regarding the three bags of pot being found in one of their products.

Walmart might actually sell marijuana one day if it becomes fully legal. Getting rid of it, however, was definitely the right call. Can you imagine what the quality of Walmart weed would be?