Most sane people without ulterior motives to fulfill are not going to argue that marijuana can kill you or cause any permanent damage to your health.  Some smokers do believe that it’s bad for your lungs if you smoke heavily.  Well, even saying that is no longer true.  A new study has found that smoking marijuana cannot lead to lung cancer, no matter how much you inhale.

Fight Cancer, smoke weed?

One of the largest case-control studies done on marijuana was conducted with over 1,000 participants who filled out very detailed files on their marijuana use.  Previous research made claims that marijuana could be potentially harmful or contained cancer causing elements.  This new data throws that right out the window with new understands of how THC counteracts any potentially carcinogenic factors by eliminating the old cells before they can mutate and become cancerous.

In contrast to the marijuana study, cigarettes are linked to a 20x increase in lung cancer rates compared to similar heavy marijuana smokers.  Not only that, but cigarettes are also linked to developing asthma, while THC is a known bronchodilator, which can cure or treat those suffering with it.

Full Lungs

While researching these types of marijuana case studies, you’ll also happen to come across details about how marijuana smokers and cigarette smokers inhale their product.  Marijuana smokers draw deeper breaths and hold it in as long as they can to get the most out of each dose, while cigarette users inhale at a slightly shallower rate than normal breathing.  This difference results in a decrease in lung capacity for cigarette smokers and an increase in marijuana smokers.  Smoking weed is like getting exercise for your lungs, similar to how swimmers train to maximize their efficiency.  It’s no surprise that Michael Phelps is a recreational smoker, now, after that whole taboo scandal occurred, we look at the past in an ignorant blur of medical myths and pharmaceutical lobbyists’ talking points.

The safest ways to smoke weed

Marijuana smokers also have the advantage of switching to virtually particulate-free forms of smoking by using vaporizers or bongs.  The soot that comes from regular burning may not cause cancer, but it can irritate the throat and lungs after frequent, heavy weed smoking.  Edibles are also a guaranteed way to get your high and health benefits, while having zero negative impact on your body whatsoever.  You can’t overdose on happiness.