58% of U.S. adults polled in a recent Bloomberg Politics poll believe weed will be legal for retail in all 50 states within the next two decades. It breaks down like this:

  • 13% believe it will take 20 years
  • 26% believe it will take 10 years
  • 17% believe it will take 5 years
  • 2 % believe it will take 1 year

It’s concrete evidence of what used to be just a general sense in the air (or maybe a scent) that the winds are changing.

“Our civilization can’t look away from the fact that (marijuana) is not bad and the only reason we don’t have it is because of the archaic mentality,” Dakota Daniels, a 21-year-old from Colorado who was among those pulled, told Bloomberg. He went on to say that he thinks states will follow Colorado’s lead and legalize pot in order to regulate its safety and pocket its tax revenue.

Despite the changing attitudes toward cannabis, 32% of those polled said they don’t think it will ever be legal in all 50 states.

“There’s so many people that have seen what drugs and alcohol have done to their families that I don’t think it will ever ever ever be legalized in this country,” Chris Harmon, 42, a Republican from Ohio told Bloomberg. “Once you let that in, there’s a slippery slope to that next exit ramp.”

Marijuana is legal for retail sale in four states, plus the District of Columbia, and that number will likely rise significantly in the next couple years. Even though weed sometimes feels legal in California, it’s not yet. When legalization does finally come to the Golden State, it could change everything.

“A lot of eyes are on California,” said Gavin Newsom, California’s pro-legal cannabis lieutenant governor, told Bloomberg. “It’s very different than almost any other state because of the scale and the magnitude of the change and what it will represent across the country.”

The “Just Say No” and “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” days are over. For a lot Americans, weed is nothing to fear. It’s not even a big deal. “This whole ‘reefer madness’ mentality is being proven wrong,” said Daniels.