Let’s just call it a guessy estimate and guesstimate that you’ll probably get real high if you eat a whole and less high if you only eat a half. That’s about as good as labeled dosages can do, according to a new study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

What these mean mamma-JAMAs found in studying edibles from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle is that a pretty darn low number of them have accurate dosages. 49 brands and 75 products were tested between the 3 cities. Only 17% were right on the money in THC and CBD content. 60% were found to have inflated their THC numbers while 23% had a higher amount THC than the packaging claimed. Meaning, most likely you’re getting shorted when your medicated short cakes.

There are probably some shady thumbs on the scales, but likely just as many innocent inaccuracies. Part of the problem might just be that most companies are so new that they can’t make their active chemical percentages quite as consistent as they can the shapes of ink on their paper – meaning, it’s easier to print the same number 100 times than it is to hit the same potency in 100 batches.

Dosage reporting will probably get a lot more precise as edibles get more mainstreamed and whitebreaded, but who knows, maybe that medicated 100 Grand Bar made by Nestlé in the year 2025 will really be more like a 90 Grand.


Parker Winship