A report from 7News has stated that they have found mould in recreational marijuana plant flowers. This has raised concerns among many scientists and lab professionals, because the impurities found in these plants could pose as a danger to medical patients who have a weakened immune system. While Legislators have pushed forward the idea of testing medical marijuana; however, a representative from one lab has told patients that there is nothing to worry about.

State laws allow officials to perform tests on recreational marijuana, but only in terms of potency and homogeneity. 7News, however, has noted that the Marijuana Enforcement Division is very keen on performing tests for pesticides, mould and other contaminants by the end of the year.

Jonathan Singer, a pro-marijuana politician has supported testing in an effort to crack down on the amount of impurities that could be present in plants provided to medical patients.

7News has also released images of mouldy marijuana that have been supplied by a certified laboratory. The lab has requested that they remain anonymous, which has raised concerns among medical patients. Some fear that the 7News release will force patients into believing that medical marijuana is unsafe, and that the fear is completely unwarranted at this current stage.

Some argue that if marijuana were to be legalised in more states, the quality of the marijuana would increase, making the weed much safer for patients and lowering the risk of contaminants and impurities. Grow factories are multi-million dollar investments, so growers themselves can’t afford to have unsanitary contaminants or conditions that could lose them their entire crop.

As of yet, no new information has been released on this subject.