Nevada has a medical marijuana system in place, but like most state’s programs, it’s a little eccentric. Unlike in California, collectives are not permitted. Caregiving is done on a patient-by-patient basis. Alaska has a program similar to Nevada’s, which recently lead to the closure of a functioning collective in that state.

That’s why providers like Nailed It Extracts deal directly with patients instead of through a middleman. Nailed It’s founder and head extractor Russ T. Nail provides individuals with his company’s BHO wax and edibles. According to Russ, as long as you deal directly with licensed patients and as long as it’s not evident that you actually manufactured your extracts, things are more or less cool, legally speaking. As he says, “If it falls out of the sky or off the back of a truck, it’s legal.”

Though chemical extraction isn’t legal in Nevada, there isn’t an atmosphere of dread among other blasters. Area extractors are cautious to be sure, but there’s a sense that things are about to get better.

Marijuana used to be frighteningly illegal in Nevada, as was made famous by the billboard Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo drive past in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


But over the years, the state has knocked down possession of flowers or cannabis to a misdemeanor and instated a medical program. Collective caregiving is in the works, but it keeps getting delayed by regulation and testing setbacks, “kicking down the line” as Russ says.

It’s possible that by the time medical dispensaries are OK’d they’ll be obsolete. Legalization is definitely on the table as well. Nevada lawmakers recently took a well-publicized tour of the legal cannabis program in Colorado. Legalization is expected to show up on the Nevada ballot next year.

There are rumors that smoking clubs, concentrate testing facilities, and certified extraction plants like the one they have in Colorado are coming soon. And establishments, whether they’re medical dispensaries or full-on pot shops, are coming soon. “When those doors open, we will definitely be there.”

Russ is from Vegas and has lived there his entire life. He tried dabbing for the first time a few years ago and said he, “couldn’t believe how well I slept, how good I felt.” Back then, very few others knew about it. Now, he says, the scene is starting to pick up. Up until recently, he mostly knew other blasters through Instagram, but at a recent 4/20 event, a lot of them got to meet for the first time. Within a year, he expects dabbing to have a major presence in Sin City.

The scene may be young, but it’s growing up fast. Like a lot of extraction companies, in Nevada and elsewhere, Nailed It is experimenting, pushing the limits of what blasting can do. Russ does single strain runs, but he’s also known to play around with strain stews. “I do enjoy mixing things up,” the blaster says. “You get a whole new terp profile.” On a dare Russ even created what he called “the venti,” a swirl of twenty different strains in one wax. “It’s like an onion. It just pops out with all these different flavors.”

Nailed It has also been working on CannaCaps, a capsule full of bho-run oil. Russ hasn’t released it for sale yet, but like a good mad scientist he’s been using himself as a guinea pig. Each cap contains about 35-45 mg. Says Russ, “One does me good. Two will slow me down. I don’t take three unless I’m going to sleep.”

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He’s developed them for patients, including those with diabetes, who don’t want to eat chocolate or cookies every time they ingest THC or CBD. Capsules made from vegetable glycerin also break down faster in the stomach than food, making it quicker-acting. Russ also believes, like others, that you get more benefits from ingesting cannabis products than with smoking or vaping. “That’s when you get the full benefits. You can actually see under microscopes the cancer cells being attacked.”

If everything goes smoothly, the company will debut CannaCaps at Chalice this July, along with a tincture they’re developing. Nailed It also seeks a high standard for his product. He says he sends his batches in for testing at SC Labs and intends to soon put his potency right on the label. Overall, just like everywhere else, Vegas extractors and dabbers alike are looking to the future, to the regulation and innovation that will allow concentrates to bloom.

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The Venti, a combo of 20 different strains

All photos courtesy of Nailed It Extracts

Parker Winship