The art of extraction is still a young one and there are many lessons yet to be learned in the perfection of the science and business of cannabis concentrates. An alleged blaster in Sacramento last weekend taught the 710 world one such valuable lesson: if you pass out naked in front of your apartment with your front door open and exposing your extraction lab, there’s a good chance you’re going to get arrested and your lab shut down by the police.

The Sacramento Bee reports that police discovered a “honey oil lab” last Saturday night. The Bee said the honey was found when cops and firefighters “responded to calls about a naked man on the ground in the doorway to an apartment.” And the officers couldn’t help but notice that inside the open doorway was one of these “honey oil labs.”

Sacramento PD has given no explanation as to why the man, Robert Kamber, 24, was naked, only saying that he had likely passed out due to intoxication (either one too many drinks or dabs) and not due to those harmful gasses that were filling his apartment.

Kamber was not in need of medical assistance but he was booked by the police, likely for manufacture of a controlled substance and possibly for endangering his neighbors health with the lab (if it was me I wouldn’t my neighbor who passes out naked on his front steps to be handling explosive chemicals in the room next to mine).

As many as 10 apartments were evacuated while a hazmat crew came in and dismantled the extraction lab. There’s no word on what solvent Kamber was using, but you can bet his hangover on Sunday wasn’t too fun.


Photo via Flickr user Jeremy Noble