Everybody and their mama knows: if you like to smoke weed, you got to bring some match. So, by that logic, Napster founder and Facebook guy Sean Parker must be someone or their mother, because he’s bringing a whole heaping helping of match to the cannabis legalization fight. The billionaire tech whiz has promised the Marijuana Policy Project that he will match any donation given to that organization dollar for dollar, up to any amount, according to SFGATE. This is not Parker’s first big play for marijuana legalization. He is also one of the major forces behind the California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), one of the leading bills to end cannabis prohibition in California in 2017. Less relevantly, Parker was played by Justin Timberlake in the critically acclaimed motion picture The Social Network. The donation match was announced in an email from MPP’s Director Rob Kampia to the group’s followers, reading: “Dear ____, Last month at his house in Los Angeles, Facebook’s Sean Parker told me that he’ll match all donations to the Marijuana Policy Project of California, MPP’s campaign committee in California, on a dollar-for-dollar basis. …” Reporting on the story from SFGATE and High Times both refer to Parker’s motivation for his generosity as philanthropy. He has previously donated to groups conducting research on cancer, diabetes and auto-immune issues. While this is probably the case, it’s not too far fetched that Parker is also after the economic boom cannabis legalization will bring to California, one he’d likely know how to capitalize on. “We’re very excited about the generosity he’s shown,” Mason Tvert, Communications Director of the MPP, told SFGATE. “This is someone who wants to see marijuana prohibition end and helped bring a lot of folks together, and now he’s putting his money where his mouth is.” No matter what, this new move will likely bring not only funds, but awareness, to the MPP’s legalization initiatives, meaning California (and a whole lot of other states) might be enjoying legal green in a little over a year. You can find the MPP donation page here.