Those of us who watched Nas’ last documentary, Time is Illmatic, were excited when we found out that he would be co-producing another film, this time on the hip hop fashion and culture.  There is no better candidate for the authority on the freshness, the swag, and the style throughout hip hop’s history.  He lived through so many of transformations seen throughout the last few decades.

With the help of co-producer Sacha Jenkins, Fresh Dressed looks at the trends and acquisitions of style throughout the years of hip hop culture.  The documentary relies heavily on interviews from those within both the fashion and hip hop industries; there are more than 70 people interviewed in the film.  You’ll find many big trendsetters in the film like Pharrell, Big Daddy Kane, Kanye West, Damon Dash, and many more.  While you’re taken on a journey through history, the film provides lots of infographics and, of course, a bumping soundtrack to keep things moving.

The recent debut of Fresh Dressed: The Revolution of Fashion Born on the Streets at Sundance Film Festival has proved it to be all that we expected as fans, and then some.  Fans love the weaving of fashion, personality, and the influences of political and social factors that hip-hop faced and left its print on the rest of the world.

The theme of the film centers on each individual artists carving out their own identities through the mediums offered with hip hop.  Whether that is through song or through attire, expression is the key to any musical genre.  In Fresh Dressed, you take a ride through each era of marp, from the beginning with the 80’s crack epidemic that ravaged communities, to the 90’s gang culture.  All of these environments where hip hop existed in would ultimate shape the way people dressed, acted, and spoke, whether that would be in a positive or negative way.

In the end, these fashion trends were co-opted by corporations and the film tries to address the intricacies as best as it can, while maintaining a catalog of iconic fashion statements in hip hop that continues to influence the fashion industry, if not more than ever before.

The Fresh Dressed urban fashion chronicle is set to premier on CNN later this year.