As a great man once said, “Just because we’re stuck in a bubble doesn’t mean we can’t cause any trouble.” And so it is for NBA players who will be stuck in the Disney bubble in Orlando.

The league has announced that it will not test for any recreational drug use among players while they are locked up inside a coronavirus quarantine “bubble” in Orlando to finish the 2019-2020 season. That means that players can smoke basically all the ganja they want, and partake of a whole lot of other illicit substances that are probably not too hard to find in Florida, without any repercussions from the NBA.

For a while, the idea was that the league wouldn’t test for anydrugs whatsoever, including those of the performance-enhancing variety. Apparently, officials thought that drug testing could be too much work on top of all the other medical testing and services that would have to be implemented to make the bubble work.

Avoiding a league of roid-raging he-men, however, the NBA and the players’ union have agreed to test for performance enhancing drugs, but not for the fun ones, as reported by CBS News.

In the past, testing positive for recreational drug use would result in a two-season ban for an NBA player.

The move to sidestep recreational drug testing comes after an absence of testing during thecoronavirus-imposed off-seasonthese last several months. This week, the league also reinstated Malik Monk of the Charlotte Hornets from his suspension over violating the NBA drug policy.

Could this be the start of a new drug-friendly NBA? Probably not, but at least it will make time in the quarantine bubble a little more enjoyable for the players.