Silver linings are few and far between in that one very big cloud throwing shade over all of us right now. One of those little bright spots may not apply to a whole lot of people, but it’s good news nonetheless.

NBA players will not undergo drug tests during the league’s indefinite hiatus, which means that they can try to relax and medicate themselves using cannabis during this rough time.

Professional basketball players were among the first high-profile communities hit by the coronavirus in the U.S. On March 11, it was announced that Utah Jazz center Rudy Goebert tested positive for the illness, after which the NBA closed down. Since then, many other players including Kevin Durant have tested positive.

While the NBA and its players have substantially bigger fish to fry, the league and the National Basketball Players Association reached the agreement to suspend drug testing for the length of the hiatus, as reported by Yahoo Sports.

Under normal circumstances, the collective bargaining agreement states that players would undergo “six random, unannounced urine drug tests during each season and off-season.”

Testing positive for a banned substance such as marijuana would typically result in a minimum two-year ban.

Hopefully, players are keeping it cannabis, as they could technically get into all other kinds of nasty business including performance-enhancing drugs like steroids are hard drugs, which makes one wonder how easy it is to get a drug dealer to come to your place during all this.

When it comes to using weed, hopefully they’ve switched to edibles as many health experts are advising against inhaling smoke of any kind while a highly contagious respiratory infection is on the loose.

Photo via Flickr/popo.uw23