A congressman in North Carolina is trying to pass a medical marijuana bill that will legalize, tax, and regulate weed for use in the southern state.  The legilsation has gone through three previous iterations in the past, but Democratic Representative Kelly Alexander thinks the fourth time’s the charm. If he wasn’t so stoned he’d realize the saying is “third.”

“It’s as inevitable as high tide every morning,” Alexander explains via the Charlotte Observer. “Even people opposed to it see which way the country is moving and the citizens of the state are moving.”

House Bill 78 was filed in February and faces several more rounds of approvals before it can become law. Alexander told the television station that he believes Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, as well as leaders of the state’s Senate and House of Representatives, are sympathetic to the bill. Last summer, McCrory signed into law a bill that allows the use of CBD to be used for the treatment of seizures.

If the Legislature approves the bill and McCrory signs it, North Carolina would become the first Southeast state to legalize marijuana. Fourteen state representatives have co-sponsored the legislation, all of them Democrats.

Alexander has stated in the past that North Carolina is looking at about $100 million dollars in revenue from the growing marijuana industry.  And the public is on his side, with over two-thirds of the state agreeing that doctors should be able to prescribe CBD and THC to treat serious illnesses.

Kelly Alexander has 14 co-sponsors for his House Bill 78, tripling the highest amount he has ever had before.  On March 19, marijuana advocates will come out to a rally at the state legislature to educate on medical benefits of the drug.