“Just Say No.” Such is famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s advice to astronauts approached by intergalactic drug dealers. In an in-depth interview with podcast host Joe Rogan, Tyson covered a wide range of relevant topics.

On the other hand, in an entirely superficial 90-second interview posted to TMZ, Tyson was asked what would it be like if you smoked weed in space. Apparently, it’s a bad idea.

“The problem is in space now many things will kill you. So, if you do anything to alter your understanding of what is reality, it’s not in the interest of your health.”

The best-selling science author does, however, have a possible loophole that would allow you to inhale mother ganja while among the other stars without dying.

“If you’re going to get high in space, you’re going to like lock yourself in a cabin and don’t come out,” he said, “because you could break stuff inadvertently. Okay? That’s how that goes.”

While being harassed on the street by this interviewer, Tyson was also asked what he thought of inventor/visionary/magnate/douche bag Elon Musk. As in life, all things in this interview come back to weed.

“Leave him alone. Let the man get high if he wants to get high.”

As in life, all things in this article come back to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where Elon Musk famously smoked a giant blunt, setting off a a flurry of controversy among Tesla stockholders, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the public.

Despite the fact that Tyson might have to lock Musk in a cabin if the two ever went to the exosphere in a Tesla private rocket ship, the scientist said to count him on “Team Elon.”

“He’s the only game in time,” he said. “He’s the best thing we’ve had since Thomas Edison.”

Photo via Flickr user NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope