A new app called ‘Who is Happy’ is allowing potheads, marijuana enthusiasts, and cannabis connoisseurs to express their elation with the press of a button, alerting all green friendlies within a kilometer radius.

Think of it as a new spin on FourSquare, where you can connect with local happy friends and see just how happy they really are. This app can be as sociable as you want it to be: hook up with potential mates, get a read on just how many marijuana users are in the area… to potentially score some good bud while out of town, it can be quite handy!

The Brazilian startup company that made the ‘Who is Happy’ app did it to make the topic of marijuana less taboo and get people talking about it in the open more. In a recent article by PSFK, the Founder and CEO explained that the only legal option for cannabis-based treatment in Brazil was CBD (cannabidol), which has been shown to have effective applications in treating schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder, and forms of epilepsy. Costa, who was himself diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 18 (and has to take traditional medication daily to treat it), attributes his country’s failure to pursue other forms of medical marijuana treatment to a national culture that remains predominantly anti-pot:

“Brazil is a really conservative country, [and change] like that takes time. Most of the population still [sees] cannabis users in a negative way, but things are changing. The medical cannabis discussion is progressing really well in Brazil […and] I think the app could be a really good tool to start a discussion about legalization in countries like Brazil.”

Ultimately, this app will also serve as a useful data polling of the marijuana communities throughout the world. It can serve as a reference to potential investors who are looking to target the most active markets and also for areas that will be most ripe for pushing marijuana legislation. As communities become more comfortable discussing the benefits of marijuana, the tidal-wave of happiness is sure to follow.

The ‘Who is Happy’ team will be improving their app with more features, such as the ability to locate dispensaries and doctors, and even some educational games to get people excited learning about marijuana. As with the motto shared by the CEO, the more that marijuana is associated with the normal lifestyle, not limited to lazy stereotypes, the closer we get to a society where children and adults can freely obtain the medicine that they need, and often the only thing that can save their lives.