The newly appointed acting administrator for Drug Enforcement Administration Chuck Rosenberg is expected to de-escalate the agency’s marijuana war, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

Rosenberg is intended to fill the position until the end of the Obama Administration’s term at the end of next year. He replaces Michelle Leonhart, who had long-opposed Obama’s lax attitudes toward marijuana enforcement, and left her office after a series of scandals involving gross misuse of power and negligence by agents under her leadership.

The new boss, hot off his gig as FBI chief of staff, is expected to re-prioritize the agency, focusing “less on marijuana enforcement and more on heroin and other major drugs,” according to an administration official cited in the Times. The same source also said that Rosenberg is “expected to improve the DEA’s procedures on classifying, declassifying and reclassifying drugs.”

All this is definitely promising and sounds like a common sense strategy – diverting resources away from policing pot in a country where medical marijuana decriminalization legislation is a near-daily occurrence.

As he’s only expected to be in office for about 18 months, here’s hoping Rosenberg makes a lot of progress in the right direction.