This week, New Jersey issued a statement detailing the standards required for edible medical marijuana.

This move could pave the way for new state dispensaries to open, who would then be able to start creating and selling these products.

Since New Jersey’s three clinics did not return calls from the Associated Press, it is unclear how long this process will take, and when edibles will be available throughout the state.

In the past, Governer Chris Christie has been very reluctant to make any changes to the policy, especially changes that would allow more access. It took almost three years for the state to open its very first dispensary, and five years after Christie took office, there are still only three up and running.

In 2014, the governor legalized medical marijuana for children and allowed dispensaries to sell three more strains aimed at kids. The state has recently selected another three, and Christie has said that he might consider allowing edible marijuana for adults as well.

The standards would take effect right away, and would include details that regard ventilation and lighting, and define which lozenges, topical and edible forms of marijuana are allowed in NJ.

Health Department spokeswoman Donna Leusner says she plans to make more formal regulations once the law allowing edibles is fully passed.