At least 20 people have now been arrested for wax possession in Hunterdon Country, New Jersey. The most recent arrest was in the borough of Flemington at the end of last month.

“It’s here, it’s out there, it’s illegal,” announced Chief of Detectives John Kuczynski of the Hunterdon County Prosector’s Office.

Kuczynski says that he has been aware of marijuana concentrates for around two years and is particularly weary of dangerous additives that might be added to the wax.

Twenty-eight year old Daniel Ross Hamilton, the dabber in question, was pulled over for having his headlights out and was allegedly slurring his speech.

Hamilton first refused search, but eventually let the cops look in his trunk once the K-9 unit showed up. They found a baggy of bud and two small packages of wax in a jacket in his trunk.

Hamilton was charged with possession of less than fifty grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, failure to display his license and registration and non-maintenance of headlights.

Kuczynski’s observations are not wholly dissimilar from those on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum: New Jersey’s growing marijuana legalization movement is also concerned with lack of quality control and safety risks.

Groups like the East Coast Cannabis Coalition and Decarcerate the Garden State believe that by decriminalizing cannabis, it can be better regulated and made safer for both medical and recreational users.