The former kush capital is cracking down on marijuana rules, much to the chagrin of Amsterdam locals and tourists alike, according to Fusion. The number of coffee shops selling weed in Amsterdam has dropped from 300 to 200 after a law was passed that forced businesses to choose between selling weed and selling booze. Across the country, the number of weed-selling coffee shops has dropped from 1000 to 617.

These changes, as well as the possibility of changing the classification of marijuana with a high THC content to ‘hard drug’ has forced some coffee shops to sell their weed on the black market.

These may be due to a post-9/11 rise in conservative politics as well as increasing pressure from neighboring European countries.

And Amserdam is far from the only government state in 420 flux. In New York State, medical marijuana may soon receive the kosher stamp of approval. Rabbi Moshe Elefant, head of the Orthodox Kosher Union says that he would have no objection to labelling marijuana Kosher, as it has a number of medical benefits. He is in the early stage of discussions with companies who may be interested in selling kosher weed.

Cannabis itself is a plant, so it doesn’t need kosher certification, but other forms of marijuana such as pills and edibles would need the kosher stamp of approval if they were to be consumed by orthodox Jews.

While some orthodox groups are accepting of medical marijuana, none as of yet have come out in favor of recreational marijuana and not all orthodox Jewish groups have condoned the use of either.

On the other side of the country, the number of drug-related incidents in Colorado high schools has increased significantly since the legalization of recreational weed, and many think that the two are connected. While a portion of taxes generated from legal weed sales are used to turn kids away from the substance, many teenagers are not convinced. A number of teenagers believe that weed is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol, and that schools should take a more relaxed approach to dealing with it.