Do-gooder doobie-doers We Save Lives, an advocate group for highway safety, has printed out a friendly, gentle reminder to those who sip weed not to drive under the spliffluence.

The Weed Advisor rolling papers were handed out for free to pot shops and headshops all around Colorado during the 4/20 festivities of last month. The businesses presumably hand the papers out for free to their customers. It makes for a much more playful and less judgmental message than a lot of highway safety warnings (like, this gnarly and notorious ‘50s educational film “Signal 30”).

The customers and industry professionals interviewed by We Save Lives in this here video seem pretty open to the idea of warning messages that are fun to look at when blazed. This could point the way to openness in the cannabusiness.

The tobacco and alcohol industries have fought tooth and nail to keep warning labels off their products, working against the interest of their customers. Maybe the marijuana industry will do things differently. Maybe they won’t pretend that, even though cannabis is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, there aren’t irresponsible ways to get high. Maybe they’ll incorporate conscientious into their products so we can all be happier, healthy, more aware stoners.

Or maybe we’ll just start making more cool flip-book style joints. Either way, we’re down to clown.