Some of the best ideas do in fact occur while you are in the shower. That is where Ophelia Chong came up with the idea for Stock Pot images, a catalogue that has plenty of marijuana imagery that does away with typical pot pictures and instead adds a human element. She stated that she wants to show people what cannabis really looks like instead of showing the stereotypical stoner face with a pot leaf that glows in the dark. She wants her images to be real and anti-stock as much as possible. Chong is 55 years of age, and she currently teaches marketing photography at Pasadena’s Arts Centre College of Design. She has plenty of students that want to join in the work, and her aim is to spread the love as well as helping them to pay off the debts they have from attending college.

Anyone who contributes to her idea will share in 50% of the profits, which is very generous when you take a look at the prices that other stock photo providers pay. If the images are positioned in a well tagged outlet, an artist can get over $1200 and Ophelia has stated that she has over 40 photographers lined up at the moment. She has been signing at least one every day, but she wants to keep it small for the time being because she wants to give everyone the opportunity to sell their products.

Chong is very excited. Regarding the marijuana industry, she said, “ “It has rules, but it has no rules – we are building the foundation now. We’re swimming upstream rather than running with the herd.”