Whether you want to call it the Netflix of extract or the HelloFresh of extract or Uber or the Box Box or the Encyclopedia Britannica, cannabis concentrate now has a high-profile monthly subscription service.

$139 a month and you get three gooey grams of choice concentrate delivered to your door, hand-selected from choice small batch boutique artisan extraction maestros. Or, that’s the pitch anyway.

The offer comes from California outfit Apex Extractions, which has earned some credibility in the weed world since it started pumping out concentrate at the beginning of 2018. It has, so far, won eight awards for its concentrates at the High Times Cannabis Cup events.

The company’s monthly subscription service is called the Apex Fresh Club and, in the words of its website, its “delivery partners” will bring you the stuff if you live in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, or most areas of Southern California.

Scott Benson and Ted Hicks, co-CEOs at Apex, told High Times in an interview that the goal of the service is to connect consumers both to their own product and to that of other super neat extraction artists.

Of their own products, they say the response from consumers “has been overwhelming, and optimizing our clients’ experience is our biggest priority,” they said. “Introducing this subscription service will help us get our product in the hands of cannabis connoisseurs quickly providing the best possible experience.”

And they also plan to hook their clients up with some smaller providers and unique concentrate lines hot off the presses, taking extracts to the consumer straight from the production line, without any waiting period, so they come fresh and extra stoney. “[S]ome of them are going to be really rare because it’s going to be really small boutique batches,” they said.

Photo via Flickr user Good B