Fifty years ago, there was only one psychoactive in the microgram spectrum, and that was LSD. A four gram sugar cube would contain over 25,000 doses, and a piece the size of a golf ball would be able to keep the entire Woodstock festival high for days on end. Today however, there are hundreds of hallucinogens being used, and many of them are classed as research chemicals that have been made underground. These are often ordered from the internet, and human volunteers are more than welcome.


Alexander Shulgin was the very first chemist to develop hundreds of psychoactive compounds. He then chose to test these on himself, first using microbe doses, then larger ones, and larger ones until he felt some kind of effect. With names such as 2B and 2C etc, these became known as alphabetamines. Roflcoptr, or methoxetamine, was a carefully constructed marketing ploy that apparently made you lose complete control of your bowels. The website took thousands of orders in, and they even spoke to the press and developed articles for Vice, before vanishing on vacation with sudden silence to the media.

Morris, who published an interview with the chemist only few years earlier then decided to follow this trail until it went stone cold. Since then it has been increasingly difficult to keep track of all the new research chemicals on the market, and many people have overdosed on the current drug 2C, an alphabetamine. This includes a Sons of Anarchy cast member and two teens from North Dakota. Toxicologists were confused however, as 2C isn’t necessarily known for causing overdoses. The media blamed the deaths on a drug called smiles, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor the effects of alphabetamines because many people mix them with other substances and drugs in an attempt to achieve a new high.n