The most publicized 4/20 party of the year was not a particularly successful one and did not even have any famous stoners in attendance. After being busted by local authorities on April 20, a weed party in New York City made the headlines in NBCABC, and High Times.

The issue was not simply gathering to imbibe what is still a controlled substance in New York state, but, more importantly, that attendees had violated the state’s “New York on Pause” order. Put forth by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the order bans all parties and non-essential gatherings and, yes, that includes 4/20 parties too.

Local police were flagged down by a concerned citizen. As reported by Gothamist, they had seen many people entering a building at “not a joke, 4:20 p.m.”

A duffel bag of marijuana was found, as were edibles and paraphernalia. The party was reportedly hosted by the company Ganja Pigs. According to its Instagram account, Ganja Pigs is an award-winning edibles and lifestyle brand.

Found in violation of social distancing, 38 of the 40 people in attendance were issued summons to appear in court. Five cannabis-related citations were also given at the party, and three people in attendance were taken into custody for outstanding warrants and in connection with an unrelated burglary investigation.

It is unclear whether the partygoers were issued citations for violating social distancing orders, but Mayor Bill de Blasio has warned that those found in noncompliance could be issued fines of up to $1,000.

De Blasio has also encouraged residents to report on any unlawful gatherings. “I don’t like that New Yorkers will have to call in reports… but it does have to happen,” he said. “If we don’t follow the rules, the elderly will suffer. We are supposed to love and honor them, but they will be in danger.”

Photo via Flickr/Andreas Wulff