The Big Apple may soon get carved up and used as a makeshift pipe. On Wednesday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he’s all about pumping some legal weed into the state.

In the annual State of the State address, Cuomo went into his top priorities for New York in the new year. He said that he plans for New York fight descrimination, hate crimes, child vaping, and climate change, and make it easy to toke a fat legal joint while doing it so it doesn’t get too stressed.

His cannabis proposalis not too revolutionary, being mainly in line with the eleven weed-legal states that have come before.

It would be legal for adults 21 and over. He would form an Office of Cannabis Management to supervise all things cannabis, including recreational, medical, and hemp. He would also strive to make social justice and equity a main tenet of the state’s legalization program and set up a cannabis research center at the State University of New York.

Even if the state is a little late to the party, some experts believe that legalization in New York could have a profound effect on the cannabis industry from sea to shining sea.

Brightfield Group, a Chicago-based market and insights company, projects that if New York legalized weed by 2021, it may become the second biggest cannabis industry in the country by 2023.

“It’ll really be a gigantic market,” Morgan Fox of the National Cannabis Industry Association told CNN Business. “[New York legalizing would] have ripples in global policy when it comes to cannabis.”

Photo via Flickr/Angel Talansky