Things sure are moving fast in New York. Just last year the police and prosecutors agreed to take it easy and stop using pot busts as an excuse to discriminate against minority groups. Then they found a loophole involving extract that let them do it anyway. And now none of that is going to matter soon because the state’s governor says he’s just going to up and legalize the shit.

That’s right, the one-time weed-scrooge Governor Andrew Cuomo says he’s going to legalize cannabis in his fair state by April 1st, with the caveat that he also might not if he doesn’t get around to it.

Though the state has no plan for a legal weed infrastructure at the moment, Cuomo told the radio station WCNY that they can probably just make something up between now and April.

“We’ll work very hard to get it done,” the Governor said. “In this business, six weeks is a lot of time.”

But some have been less optimistic, like Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat from the Bronz, who’s like–what, you joking? The state is going to figure out how to legalize and sell and regulate and tax weed in six weeks at the same time that they’re also trying to figure out their new $175 ba-ba-billion budget?

Which might be Cuomo decided to hedge his bets a little on WCNY, saying, “If we can’t do it right, then we’ll do it later.”

The reason April 1 is a sort of deadline is that that’s when that big fat budget is due. And Cuomo’s hoping to tag some very 420-friendly riders onto the budget train.

The Associated Press notes that this is frequently how Cuomo gets business done these days, writing: “Attaching complicated proposals to the state budget — even if they aren’t strictly an issue of state finances — is one way Cuomo has used to get leverage over the Legislature. Removing the issue from the budget could complicate the negotiations over legalization, and potentially delay passage.”

So the good news is that New York might get passed a legal blunt soon, but the bas is that it might be kind of a sloppy and soggy one.Photo via Flickr user Zack Seward