By Parker Winship

If the New York state’s medical marijuana program rolls out next year as planned, it’s going to be a little funky…

  • No flowers, no edibles. Only extracts for vaporizers or ingestion will be issued.
  • Only 10 conditions will qualify you for the program (as opposed to 18 in Colorado and 19 in California).
    • Weirdest of all…

    • A maximum of 20 dispensaries will be operated in the entire state. That’s to serve the state’s population of 20 million people. For comparison, Weedmaps lists over 50 dispensaries and delivery services in the neighborhood of Hollywood alone.
      • This is according to an article published in Gothamist earlier this week.

        Part of the reason New York’s Compassionate Care Act is so weak and compromised is it’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has rallied against the act every step of the way, and threatened to veto the bill last year.

        The program sounds essentially useless. A state with a limited, half-hearted program like this will be a state where users (recreational or medical) will just call up their dealer the same as they always have.

        The deadline for public input on the act is one week from today. Meanwhile, several advocacy groups are trying to loosen up the program and expand it to a reasonable size, including Compassionate Care NY, VOCAL-NY, and Boom Health.

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      Parker Winship