New Zealand is suffering from a very severe weed shortage. According to VICE, parts of the South Island and the Upper North Island have been affected the worst–one grower going so far as to say that it’s the worst shortage he’s seen in over 15 years. The whole ordeal started at the beginning of the year, and pot-starved kiwis don’t know where to point the finger.

Many people think that police may be behind it all. Even though there is no public record of any recent big-time busts, little birds are saying that the raids took place earlier on in the year, and have been ever since, under hushed words and the shade of night.

One Auckland supplier said that the draught has pulled some very irregular customers out of the woodwork, so desperate to buy there’s no knowing what they’ll do. And there literally isn’t any to sell.

As harvest fast approaches, small amounts of pot are starting to come back onto the market. Growers are taking full advantage of the draught, putting their prices up so they can make some quick cash on the arm. Most weed is harvested in April or May, before the start of the regular rain season. This is to stop the buds from composting while still on the plants.

Even though the draught rolls on, a hot dry summer on the bend could mean good yields to come.New Zealand