Randy Gregory, an outside linebacker and top 10 NFL draft prospect has tested positive for marijuana during the February scouting combine, according to ESPN.

This will be a red flag for the Jacksonville Jaguars or any other team that might be thinking about drafting him.

Gregory said that he blames himself for this, admitting that he has a serious history with weed and started to smoke after he graduated from high school. He tested positive in both Jan 2014 and April 2014 according to the NFL.

Gregory has stated that the positive tests are a result of the amount of pot that he smoked in December (sure it is), and that he has not smoked any since then.

“I was worse at Nebraska than I’ve ever been at any other time of my life,” he said. “But I know how I am now. I think if teams really look at how I am now more so than the past, they’ll see I’m making strides to get better, as a person and as a player.”


“I don’t wake up every day saying, I’d really love to go smoke,” he said. “It’s not a struggle for me every day (now), it really isn’t. In the past, hell yeah, it’s been a struggle. It really has been.”

He also stated that he doesn’t wake up every day thinking how much he would like to go and smoke weed, and that it isn’t a struggle for him now like it has been in the past.

This test could potentially send him way down in the draft pick chart. A mock draft saw Gregory going 7th to the Chicago Bears, while another predicted he would go to the Washington Redskins at number 5.

Gregory has said that he is worried, but remains confident that he will be okay in the end. Since then, he has talked to 29 teams about his test results.

Though these particular test results are news, Gregory has always been open about his history with smoking, even with NFL coaches, and hopes this will work to his advantage.