Recent researches show that marijuana withdrawal might be treated with nicotine, but is it really that way?

Another disturbing event came to our attention – the National Institute on Drug Abuse, abbreviated NIDA, started to develop a so-called treatment to the mythical marijuana withdrawal symptoms. It turns out that the researchers are very concerned about the effects of pot, but in fact their statements in support of cannabis withdrawal are quite unclear and ambiguous. To take such extreme actions against marijuana can be quite disturbing, especially when we all know that the legal drugs and alcohol are the ones which are actually lethal. This shameful attack on weed reached a new low.

NIDA presents a ridiculous comparison to marijuana withdrawal – nicotine. People know for years that nicotine has addictive and destructive effects on the human body. The explanation of marijuana withdrawal not only seems confusing, but also point to even more questions. Why are they funding researches on cannabis when there are far more concerning matters? Why time and efforts are invested in such uncertain accusation than facing some real problems with legal prescription drugs?

A Full Scale Abuse on Marijuana

It’s not the first time that we’ve witnessed such a major offense against cannabis, especially with the recent publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). In this fifth version of the document, we can see that weed is included in the class of addictive drugs. On top of all this, there is huge number of marijuana withdrawal symptoms, which seem to be quite overblown. In the ongoing conspiracy against pot, we can spot some other so-called studies that enlist the harmless plant in a list of other addictive drugs. And what is the purpose of all this researching? It doesn’t seem to be in favor of the patients, but rather in filling the pockets of drug companies. As usual, huge profits for the big pharma corporations seems to be the goal. With all these questions left unanswered, the shadow of doubt and suspicion certainly spreads over NIDA.

What’s next?

It’s true that weed isn’t completely harmless and overusing it may lead to idle and unproductive lifestyle. But to take advantage of fake scientific proofs and place cannabis among the most destructive addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes is just outrageous. NIDA’s actions may lead to a massive strike against the efforts of many marijuana activists who struggled for years. We all hope that these disturbing events pass by without any harm. However, the reputation of pot is once more at stake.